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Let's Abolish The Expression "Christian Liberty"

Don't let people use the expression "Christian liberty" with you when speaking of how to eat, drink, dress, smoke, or whatever. Paul never used the phrase, so you can toss its pseudo-biblical ass out on the street.

I just said "ass".

The concept of Christian liberty is, of course, biblical. But the expression is limited in its use to people who don't like what you're doing, want you to stop doing it in case more people start, but can't bring biblical commands to bear against it. Use of the phrase "Christian liberty" is how they determine that they're within the norm, but you're outside.

I wear my skirt to my ankle; you may exercise your "Christian liberty" by wearing your skirt to the knee or thigh. I'm the normal, you're the weird.

I drink a glass of milk in the evening; you may exercise your "Christian liberty" by tippling over a pint of ale. On the solid rock I stand. You're out there on shifting…

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